Monday, October 31, 2011


I feel as though the jet lag, time flip, or whatever you want to call it hit me recently. I've usually been pretty good about waking up in the mornings, perhaps hitting the snooze one or two times on a bad day. Recently, though, I can't bring myself to throw off the blankets, get out of bed, and get ready for school.

I'm not doing anything overly physical, and I haven't been speaking Japanese to the point where my head hurts from translating and thinking in another language. The real cause of this is probably a lack of iron. I have vitamins, but haven't been taking them for the past week or so. I'm horrible at remembering things.

So, when worst comes to worst, I find myself pouring a hot cup of water and mixing in some decent instant coffee I bought on sale. I never thought I'd enjoy espresso, but now I see its benefits.

Time for a hot cup of coffee, and homework for the rest of the day.

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