Friday, October 14, 2011

Sounds like a Typhoon.

I'm not sure if a typhoon is causing it, but it sounds like hell outside my window. No, I did not mean, "hail." I meant hell. The rain is strong and tapping at my window like acrylic nails in a classroom full of annoyed teenage girls. It'll stop every now and then and give me hope that these raindrop-girls have calmed down and started their studies, but by the time this happens, they start drumming away again.

I woke up this morning to a cloudy sky with a slight tint of gray. I was told at four in the morning that the payment for my new apartment could not transfer. The grey sky reminded me of this, and I wanted to crawl back in bed and skip class for the day. However, I went out the door and continued to school. After about an hour of craziness, I managed to secure my apartment and save myself from another IBS attack. My landlord is really kind and understands the difficulties of transferring money to and from foreign bank accounts. I was so worried that I wasn't going to have a place to live, that I really thought I was going to have to beg a friend to stay at their apartment. but once  the real estate agent told me that the landlord would rather me move in, and pay the money later in one large payment, I felt that the rain was washing away some sort of sadness and replacing it with a new one.

As I walked, I could see the streams of raindrops like whispers floating through the air. They'd trip off of my umbrella like a word would from someone's lips. It seemed sad that these teardrops weren't being received, as the ground was already soaking wet. So they became stagnant, rippling only when receiving another cold word from their brethren. I felt relieved, but a different sort of sadness replaced my feelings of anxiety. Even now, I can't quite put my finger on what is causing it, but perhaps it's something with the weather.

I move into my new apartment this Saturday, and until then, I don't want to do anything. However, I've got an appointment to watch the Aikido club tomorrow, and I've got to finish packing by noon on Sunday. It's going to be an interesting and busy weekend, and I'm not sure whether that is a good or bad thing. It's good because I will be getting out and experiencing new things, but it's bad because I am losing time to pack as well as time to catch up on sleep that I've lost this week due to stress. But it's time to be strong about it and just keep going.

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