Monday, October 10, 2011

Dealing with Stress and Finances

I hate to start every blog with, "I'm sorry for not writing. I was . . . ", but it's going to be another one of those weeks again. (Please bear with this lazy writing a bit longer.) I ate bad curry at the school cafeteria about the same time I started getting another cold, and I ended up with a cold and food poisoning since the beginning of October.However, after getting better and having a fantastic weekend, I am feeling better and realizing that being in Japan is serious, but it's good to have fun every now and then too.

My financial situation has caused my IBS to act up, and it took a rather nasty case of debilitating stomach cramps to make me ponder why I am here and what I want to gain from being in Japan for a year. I realized that becoming completely fluent may be a bit hard to reach, but I still want to aim for as close to fluent as possible. However, I'm going to drop one of the classes I am taking in English in order to achieve this. I can't be taking the same number of classes as I am in Japanese if I want to be fluent. I need to spend more time doing homework in Japanese, speaking Japanese, etc. if I want to be fluent. I can't use my native language while I'm here.

Although, I'm confused as to why I still continue to use English when communicating with my Japanese friends from the States. I don't understand it, but I think it's become a bit habitual. I can't let this mandate how I communicate, though, so I need to start communicating in more Japanese.

I have found a new apartment close the apartment I have now. The apartment will save me about the equivalent of $700 dollars a month, so I will be able to enjoy myself a bit more.

i'm telling myself that I'm going to learn Japanese through enjoying my time here. Perhaps when I'm at the new apartment, I won't have to worry about money as much and I can learn that it's okay to spend money once in awhile. I don't feel like I'm spending money on things that aren't necessary. I'm in a country where public transportation is very convenient, and using it is a bit costly. A bus ticket (to and from school) every day is 440 yen, about the equivalent of 5 or 6 US dollars. If I get a bus pass, it's cheaper in the long run at about $80 a month. I think I might start walking to school on days when my classes start later. I need the exercise. Perhaps I can run to school in the long run.

I'm learning to live by myself, and it's been really interesting. I kind of enjoy taking care of my own place. (I even enjoy the frustrating parts like washing and sorting the trash and keeping things clean.) I'm learning more about my honne, or true self that I don't really show to people. I'm learning that while it's okay to be very polite to people, you have to stand up ever once in awhile and say, "I'm me. Deal with it."

I love Japan. And I'm learning how to enjoy myself while I'm here.

I'm sorry for a crappy/less-thought provoking entry. I can smell some broccoli boiling and it's making me crazy hungry. I haven't eaten lots of vegetables in awhile. It might help with my stomach. :D

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