Monday, August 27, 2012

Mixed Emotions and Returning

This is the first blog I'm writing from the United States.

To sum it up, being back in Texas is strange. I feel numb and as out of place as ever. I can't really fathom the idea that I am back at the place I grew up. Everything looks the same, and the people are how I remember, but I feel like a part of my mind is missing.

As it were when I left Japan, I feel as though a large chunk of my life has been a dream, a nd I'm starting again.

My time in Japan was perfect, despite all the difficulties and challenges. However, I feel as though it were longer than one year, but distant in a moment, as if I had woken from a great dream.

I think my heart is aching, but the emotions won't come to my eyes.

In any case, I am in Texas.

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