Thursday, November 3, 2011


After a suggestion from one of my friends, I think I've decided to start a youtube channel in which I will post a new video every week or so. Don't get too excited though; it's not going to be anything fancy. I think it will only consist of short video-blogs that I take sometime in-between classes, homework, eating, and nap-time. (There is no sleeping when you're a college student.)

I never thought that I'd start a real youtube channel. Sure, I signed up years ago so I could make a playlist of all of my favorite Japanese music videos, but it's really weird to think that I'll be starting my own channel. Perhaps I'm writing this prematurely. Nothing has happened yet, and no videos have been posted, but I certainly would like to start a channel in the future.

I have to study for a short test that will be given in less than twenty-four hours. I had a lot of fun today, but I know I should have studied more, and more frequently through the week. Oh well. I guess I'll never learn.

Cheers! to procrastination!

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