Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fear of Salesmen

When I moved to my current apartment, I didn't really think that salesmen would bother me. I skipped the step of writing my name on my mailbox, as well as placing anything that could identify my room by door. I try to make it seem like I'm never home, although I know my neighbors know that I live here, especially at night when I'm studying and they're trying to sleep.

However, on October 28th, a salesman from NHK, Nihon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), stopped by my apartment. I've been told by all of my friends to speak to these salesmen in English. Apparently, English is the answer for all situations in which a foreigner is trying to get away. The man stayed by my door for a few minutes afterwords, and came back the next day to try to sell a subscription to me. I ignored the door and have found that I am still horrified by the idea of a salesman coming to my door.

Anytime I hear a neighbor's doorbell ringing, or footsteps walking down my hallway on Fridays before I go to class, I turn off all of the possible noise-making machines in my apartment. My phones lose the ability to vibrate, ring, and I place them on my mattress so even the little bell charm can't jingle. I mute my computer and hold my breath until the footsteps fade, or the person at my door stops knocking. It's a little much, but I figure this is the only way to truly fake them out. (Although, I will say this didn't work with my previous stalker because he knew i was home already.)

I haven't spoken with my landlord yet about my previous stalker issues. I'm hoping that he may be able to alert the company that no one is allowed to come to my room, or that perhaps he can tell me a way to make it look like I'm subscribed to some sort of company. Perhaps then, this anxiety at doorbells and strange men in uniforms will go away.

Then again, there's still a part of me that just wants to yell like a maniac each time my doorbell rings. If it's a friend, perhaps they'll knock again and say something like, "Macy? Are you alright?" and if it's a salesman, I might hear, "Sumimasen . . . "

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