Monday, September 19, 2011

Hamlet Situation

I've learned a lot of things today, but I think the most important lesson to remember is: Put practice ahead of everything. Don't eat. Don't sleep. Study. Oh, and practice kanji, too; it's going to be what you're doing for the rest of your life.

My orientation starts tomorrow. well, probably today looking at the clock, and I feel that I'm not for my placement exams whatsoever. I rewrote all of the kanji from Genki I that I failed to memorize/and/or/forgot how write, but did not have time to review the most recent. I should have taken my studies more seriously at UNT. However, at the same time, I want to tell my teachers: Don't simply encourage kanji! Make it mandatory or take off points when students fail to use what they've learned. Otherwise, they will be lazy and not write the kanji! I know, it's sad to believe that not all students are self-motivated, but not all students are that way! I think that I was pretty self-motivated, but I started to slack off when the class got too easy. It just made life easier at the time. I'm not saying that as an excuse; it's just what happened.


I know I just need to chill, but this is terrifying.

Oh, goodness. Please let me magically remember how to write all of the kanji we've learned thus far. Please. Somehow.

I'd better get to bed before everything I crammed into my head explodes all over the walls. My head feels like it's going to burst.

To study until I pass out, or to just give up? I feel that if I give up now, I'm going to wish I studied more, but if I study more, I'm going to wish I slept. Freaking crap.

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