Sunday, September 18, 2011

Convenience Store Food

I swear I'm not complaining, I think I love Japanese convenience stores more than almost anyone I know, but I have to say:

I want to eat REAL food.

I have been sick for the past few days, so I have not felt hungry enough to eat at restaurants around my area. More than that, I also have not felt like paying for a full meal when I still have some things I need to furnish my apartment. I know that's a bit scrooge sounding, but I'm trying to focus on things I need this trip rather than things I want. (But that hasn't stopped me from making a few small pleasure purchases along the way, namely at the dollar stores.)

I bought some instant ramen for the occasion that I did get sick while in Japan. And while I was hoping this would not happen for awhile, it happened sooner rather than later and with more severity. Typically, I like to eat things that won't upset my stomach when I'm sick, and while I know ramen is not the healthiest thing to eat, it is easy on my stomach. But I caught a terrible cold, so even things that are easy to eat have no taste. There's no satisfaction in ramen because the taste is not strong enough. So now I'm left with eating

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