Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Year

Today marks the anniversary of my graduation into the world of aviation. I became a flight attendant, and this time last year, I was sitting on a really stormy runway, waiting for some cockpit light to work for takeoff. Soon after that, I was in Chicago.

A lot of things have happened in a year aside from my unexpected entry into a new career. I was debating dropping out of school, wondering when I would get over (if I ever would) a breakup that tore me apart, and debating whatever reality life could throw at me. My grandparents had just moved out of my parents' house after a chaotic move, and I honestly believed I would never have a place to call home.

Now, things are a bit different. I am still bouncing back and forth between my parents' house and a crashpad in Chicago. I still don't know whether or not I will ever know what I want to be or what I want to do, but I am sure of the things I don't want to do, and I know even more about who I want to be and the type of person I want to be with. I want to finish school, one day approach graduate school to receive a Master's degree, and I've got one month before I graduate from UNT.

Overall, I'm pretty [insert appropriate expletive here] proud of myself. I won't let myself be abused anymore, by anyone or anything, and I'm ready to take on the world. I am stronger than ever, and I'm not afraid to strive for the things I want.

Look out, world. I've got a fresh way of thinking, and I'm letting go of the baggage that once held me down.

This seems to be the theme song of the year.

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