Thursday, July 28, 2011


A little stress was taken off after paying 84% of the first semester's tuition. All of the tuition needs to be paid by August 1, and all non-partnership complexities aside, if the tuition is not paid by then, it could jeopardize my flight on September 8th. I have to have all of the tuition accounted for in order to receive a Certificate of Eligibility that is necessary for my student visa. Long story short, even with the extension letter approved by Ritsumeikan, not getting the money in ASAP means cancelling my flight. That's not any fun at all.

But it's still much less stressful knowing that a large chunk of my tuition is paid for. I just have to wait on news for a house, find some time to do some shopping before I go, and keep a cool head on my shoulders so I can do my best.

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